Those Days

Ahad Ghadiri

Friday, February 7, 2020-Friday, February 14, 2020
Memories and happenings, are multi-dimensional events interpreted, categorized and memorized based on the involved person’s attitude. An intricate combination of time and place, people and feelings, odors and colors, touches and clothes, words and voices, tastes and materials. Our senses choose how each index gets highlighted as they wish. Our palates, our mental or emotional apprehension of what is occurring and of what is being said and heard it all affect the way our memories are packed and sorted. The gist of what is excessively criticized and analyzed in ”Discourse Analysis” is in fact a formula every person comes up with from different aspect of an event. A personal perception of the past. 
In his cubes, Ahad Ghadiri has depicted his evenhanded white grasp and formula of our communal past memories. His recount of some incidents, he is not even old enough to have experienced himself and perhaps are overheard from those who had lived the time prior to him. Memories of “Those Days” most of us tend to reminisce delightfully and vividly; probably because our “’these days” formula is not defined merrily, nonchalantly and colorfully as such.

Mojdeh Tabatabaei