Ahmad Ariamanesh

Friday, January 24, 2020-Friday, January 31, 2020

Awareness is a word that its existence or lack of will define an artwork’s identity; It doesn’t matter what is the essence of the thought, whether it’s bitter or sweet. The important point is the existence and company of an individual point of view which its presence will create identity and its lack is a sign of no depth in the creator of artwork.  The greatest gift one can enjoy while creating an artwork is the unity of technique and thought. A gift that its existence will lead to boldness and strength while recreating the thoughts on the canvas. Moving and making the audience feel the power and boldness through edgy and bold brush movements with no fear and complete certainty.  The coexistence of written forms, will clarify new hidden and obvious aspects along with golden, brownish and white colors, which have always led to an endless joy for me. Their lovemaking and embracing each other at the golden and silver context of the canvas, free and dancing away from any fear or doubt is not only joyful to watch but also a great pleasure to create. Specially as you find an imaginary city after wandering no man’s land, a place attracting the audiences unconsciously by alluring them through its highs and lows, darkness and lightness and calming while also challenging their minds through its details and pass ways. As a result, they will momentarily leave and forget the mortal world and its thousand pains, flying free and light The presented design of letters (Persian letters rooted in Persian literature) is in fact presenting these forms and motifs from a painter’s point of view, far from calligraphy, although some motifs of Safir and Kereshmeh are used and borrowed from. But principals and basics never have been able to create a barrier for a fluid and indefinite mind. Here, the coexistence of written forms and motifs reveal new hidden and unhidden aspects  Ahmad Ariamanesh  Winter/ 2020 


Mankind created art to fight and prevent tedium in life. Without innovation and artistic newness human life will face eternal repetition and boredom. That’s why innovation is one of the most important characteristics of an artist. Ahmad Ariamanesh is known as an original and creative artist. His innovation first manifested through calligraphy. Calligraphy needs rebirth to keep its exhilaration and freshness throughout time. Calligraphy, similar to other types of art, will not be able to find and satisfy its audience in case it cannot renew itself. Art needs refreshment to keep its main function which is to transform the society’s emotions and taught.
Calligraphy is an innovative art and in a great relationship with other artistic fields. Such connection and communication could be found in various art fields such as architecture, painting, music, cinema and design. Such communication has led to the dynamic and durability of calligraphy art in Iran. Ahmad Ariamanesh has also taken park in communications meaning he has invited the Calligraphy to communicate with other artistic types. Such communication is briefly as fallow: first, Calligraphy and typography, and second calligraphy and music.
Various experiments have been don on writing and its motifs from far past in the time. One of the typical traditions in such area in various cultures especially in Iranian- Islamic culture is calligraphy. In semiotic terms, when writing moves beyond the symbolic system and enters the iconic system, then the calligraphy emerges as a result. In some cases, the calligraphers try to use the written forms and system in a greater percentage and in such way the lines not only transfer a verbal meaning but also a visual one. As so, the calligraphies represent various shapes such as a beast, a floral shape or even a human shape. And as a result the calligrapher uses two systems to transfer his/her taught and emotions.
Ahmad Ariamanesh uses such quality too and his type of calligraphy has a special kind of fluidity and freedom. Some of the works create an emotional sense as if the calligraphy shapes are moving, a restless abstract shape trying to ascent to the sky or a higher level.

Dr. Namvar