Patchwork Identity


Friday, June 14, 2019-Friday, June 21, 2019

The chaotic world of today is constantly changing. Due to the advent of virtual spaces, modern man is experiencing a wide range of mutual universal connections that are fugitive, immediate and ubiquitous. These mixed and immediate insights are continuously evolving and directly influencing the lives of contemporary human. Consequently, nowadays each person holds a community inside and owes its identity to different cultures just like a patchwork. A patchwork made of individuals which is endlessly developing.

The present collection is the outcome of such transformations. It represents the formation or destruction of the identity of modern human which is broken into pieces٫ consisting of many-layers and keeps changing. In the process of this collection , I utilized dried pieces of paint removed from pallets that are flawless and complete works of art themselves and could stand on their own since they are original and spontaneous. By juxtaposing of the puzzle-like fragments I then started to create portraits indirectly; portraits of people who are either getting destructed or being reborn.