Friday, May 17, 2019-Friday, May 24, 2019
A Quest Yielding Chroma

Although he started his journey where others did, Afrooz Hooshang took it his own way. He has benefited from setting modernism free to revise an already widely seen art and craft. In masterful hands of the pioneer artists, this art has shown its fullest potential as such marvelous chromatic pieces as if it was waiting for a new hand to swing and wave it up high. The novel surge depicted this unsettling and rebelling magenta as much as that soft charming lavender. In each of them it revealed glorious vibrant specimens and it is still taking a low error trial along the way.
Looking at Afrooz Hooshang’s career is a review on this history:
From gentle and respectful to simple, brief and abstract-approaching. It seems it had to take him long enough to pass through established baroque appearance of classical calligraphy to reach a more profound, more authentic and more latent element and to disclose and embrace the grace and subtlety of this flowing frame. 
His latest series predicates an original quest in the ancient and not very recent field. A quest yielding chromatic and pleasant results which made me await for more artworks and pristine artists of calligraphy-painting; the field I used to assume is done with innovation and productivity.

Aidin Aghdashloo
January 2019