The Last Event of 97

Group Exhibition

Thursday, February 28, 2019-Saturday, March 2, 2019

Beginningand the end are the two concept following one another perpetually. Yet, therehas not been any dam against art and artists have always found their way in theharshest circumstances. In these days and time, artwork has embraced multipleforms and in the meantime museums and cultural foundations have played animportant role in guarding and promoting art. However, there have beenmagnificent artists who did not get into such organizations even though theyhave left their impressions in the history of art.

Inthe present exhibition, we tried to exhibit a collection of pioneers and young artists’rarely seen artworks. May it be a promising spring for artists whose passion tocreate is still breathing. Shall we keep our hopes high that in the comingyear, no one feels disappointment and no artist stays ignored and suffocated underthe rush of commonplaces.