Friday, December 14, 2018-Friday, December 21, 2018
Our universe with all its contents from the rain drops, snowflakes and aspen trees to infinite number of the stars; they are simply ghost-like illusions projected to us from an inaccessible reality detached from time and place dimensions which cast an indelible schema on our existential epigraph. Every detail of the image encompasses the whole as a hologram. 
The organisation is conspicuous and exposed. Nonetheless, there is another order, concealed and shadowy. Let us think for a moment that this is the world of Penumbra.

Kiarash Yaghubi

December 2018
Art is one of those themes abiding with humans’ feelings and soul.
It sees, it seeks, blends with the spirit, fuses with emotions and accompanies with moments and enchantments of life. As the moments renew every time, so too artist aligns with rebirth and perfection.
That is why artists shall always accompany their world and time to revive and achieves a brand new revelation. Otherwise, it would be a mere craft and they would resort to repetition and imitation from recreation; and albeit such artists are not rare. 
Kiarash Yaghubi is among those compassionate young people who reads, reflects, sees, and breathes with every second to explore, to reveal, and to enrich his moments and to perceive that “it”.
Not only is he professional and tasteful in classic calligraphy but also he has that artistic mindset and strong willpower in calligraphy-painting in which sole calligraphy skill is never enough and it takes an artistic look and self-discipline. 
He has been praised for his resolution and tenacity. This time he has been to the “Penumbra”: those pleasant shadows which have a great deal to speak of. Shadows which occasionally feel closer than themselves and their presence is rather discrete.
His originative vision has offered these congenial shadows to the walls of viewers’ hearts with his pale gray yet smooth and pure veracity. Now that is the time when meretricious and malicious colors deprive the observers from an opportunity to think straight and to see clearly, these colors just take us away from the quality of ink and present only the superficial allure of the appearance. 
Penumbra is transparent but firm and direct; impeccably pure and closer to the essence of art more than anything else. They lead us to the very essence of characters and words and their enigmatic and dancing roles.
Bravos to such innovation, vista, apprehension, effort and regeneration!

Einoddin Sadeghzadeh   

November 2018