Afrooz Hooshang

•   Calligraphy honors in three areas (Nastalyq,Skekasteh, Naskh) from Iranian Calligraphers

Association 1989

•    First Place in The Field of CalligraphyStudents Across The Country in 1988

•   First Place in The Field of Calligraphy - ANationwide Recall of Visual Arts at Ramsar in 1989

•   First Place in The Field of Calligraphy -The Recall of Visual Arts Across The Country in 1990

•   Solo Exhibition of Calligraphy - February1991

•    Calligraphy Group Exhibition at theCalligraphy Society of 1993

•   Calligraphy Exhibition at the ContemporaryArts Museum Isfahan in 1996

•    First Place in The Competition in The Fieldof Visual Arts, Calligraphy, Islamic Azad University

Students in 1997

•    Exhibition of Works of Visual Arts Studentsof Islamic Azad University in 1998

•    Calligraphy Group Exhibition at theCalligraphy Society of 2002

•   Line and Painting Exhibition in TehranCalligraphers Association 2006

•   Solo Exhibition Photo in the Gallery Arte -October 2011

•   Fairmont Bab Al Bahar Abu Dhabi SoloExhibition Photos in the Gallery – February 2011

•   Photos and Calligraphy Exhibition at theGallery Arte - February 2012

•   Solo Exhibition of Painting Calligraphy atMojdeh Gallery – December 2017



A distinguished director of Project Management and BuildingInformation Modeling with expertise in diverse range of technologies. Myteaching and research have concentrated on the evolving role of digital designand its application to the building profession. My current research focuses onBIM analytics. I have organized first building information modeling symposia atKHUISF (Khorasgan University of Isfahan  -  2015) whit  themes  on education; sustainable design; construction and fabrication; analytical modeling and  evidence-based design;  BIM management, implementation, coordination, and evolution; and the futureof BIM.


Qualification Highlights

•    ProjectManagement (PMP)

•    Digital Design

•    DesignDevelopment

•    ConstructionSequencing

•     BIM TeamLeadership

•     BIM Schedule

•     BIM ExecutionPlan

•     BIM Tools

•     BIM Process

•     BIM Coordination

•     Revit BIMExperience

•     SustainableBuildings


Professional Experience


Elkagroup -  Directorof PM  - May 2000-Present

From 2000 to present time, own and operate a consultingcompany in the field of Design and Construction. My company works in Design andDevelopment, Construction Documentation, Project Management Information Systemand Building Information System.

Naghsh-e-Jahan Printing Company -   Project Expediter Manager                                                                             1999-2000

From 1999 to 2000 worked in Naghsh-e-Jahan ConstructionCompany as Project Expediter for identify stakeholders and determine theirexpectation, influences, and impact.

Pajuhesh & Memari Consulting Engineers- ProjectCoordinator Manager                                                                                            


From  1997  to 1999  worked  in Pajuhesh  &  Memari Consulting  Engineers  as Civil  engineer, Development ofExecuting Plans, Project Coordinator in Hospital and Residential Building using

Autocivil and Sap Software.



Associate of Civil Engineering, Azad University (NajafAbad), 2000

Bachelor of Applied Science Architecture, KhorasganUniversity (Khorasgan), 2014

Graduated at Master of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency(TU Wien), 2016

Technical Expertise

•   Systems  Windows (7, 8, 10)

•   Languages  Python, HTML, XML

•   Software  Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk RevitStructure, Autodesk Revit MEP, MS Office, MS Project 2013, Lumion, AdobePhotoshop.


Personal Activities


•   Language: English(Advanced)

•   Photography(Association of Photographers)

•   Expert in PaintingCalligraphy (Certificate from Iranian Association of Calligraphers)

•   Play Tennis


Educational Activities

•   Photoshop has beenteaching since 80

•   3D Studio taughtbetween 2000 to 2003

•   Teaching MSP(Project Management Software) of 2007 so far

•   Workshop PMP(Project Management Professional) of 2010

(I have an award certification in comprehensive Projectmanagement workshop base on PMBOK.)

•   Workshop BIM(Building Information Modeling) from 2013

•   Teaching RevitArchitecture from 2013

•   Teaching Lumionfrom 2013


Lecture and Articles

•   Lecture aboutBuilding Information Modeling on the occasion of Research Week at Islamic Azad

University, November 2015.

•   Lecture aboutProject Life Cycle and BIM in the first symposia of the architectural designprocess at Islamic Azad University, May 2016.

•   Article aboutparametric modeling geometric patterns of Islamic art, April 2015.

•   Article about theproject life cycle and BIM, February 2016.