Muhammad Reza Bigonah

When words failto express human visions and dreams, line and color can give a differentglamour to human imaginations. Lines and colors in harmony on the canvas becomea manifestation of the unknowns and likelihoods which co-exist at one time andabsolutely contradict at another. My painting periods like any otherphenomenon, have been affected by events and incidents that I have gone throughin my personal and social life. The experience of immigration and my encounterwith a new culture have had the greatest impact on the form and theme of mypaintings, but in all of my works the main subject has been mostly that ofhuman. Each period is seemingly independent and different, but ultimately theyall have a common theme that somehow reveals my inner thoughts. In a period,the major theme of my works has been the exploration of memories and in anotherperiod the poetry has taken me into the world of painting, in an exploration ofthe essence of poetry visualized through the lines and colors. Even though inabstract paintings there is no figure or familiar objects, I have been stillinvolved with human and his concerns.

Reza Bigonah

Reza Bigonah



Bachelor of Dramatic Arts , TehranUniversity,

Tehran, 1994

Master of Dramatic Directing, TarbeiyatModares University, Tehran, 2000.

Bachelor of Interior Design, ConestogaCollege, Kitchener, Canada 2014.


Solo Exhibition, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran,Iran, 2001

Solo Exhibition, E. Adagio Gallery,Montreal, Canada, 2006

Group Exhibition, Arta Gallery, Toronto,Canada, 2007

Group Exhibition, Loop Gallery, Toronto,Canada, 2007

Solo Exhibition, Hittite Gallery, Toronto,Canada, 2007

Group Exhibition, Hittite Gallery, Toronto,Canada, 2008

Group Exhibition, Arta Gallery, Toronto,Canada, 2008

Group Exhibition, Ben.N Gallery, Toronto,Canada, 2009

Shared Exhibition, Golestan Gallery,Tehran, Iran, 2009

Solo Exhibition, Laleh Gallery, Tehran,Iran, 2013

Solo Exhibition, Kloepfer Gallery, Guelph,Canada, 2014

Solo Exhibition, Autonoma Gallery, Toluca,Mexico, 2016

Solo Exhibition, Mojdeh Art Gallery,Tehran, Iran, 2017